A Bumdog Retrospective

Photo by Ryan Kalivrentenos

In 2004 I was homeless living in Downtown Los Angles. It was during the period that gentrification was just beginning to gain real momentum. But there was still a plentitude of empty storefronts that local artists were allowed to turn into temporary galleries to showcase their work.

Even though I…

(The lights come up to two men inside of a apartment living room)

SAM: (is putting his books in a backpack, getting ready to leave) I’m going to class Bumdog.

BUMDOG: (sitting reading a newspaper) Great, see you later Sam.

SAM: You know we are allowed to bring a guest…

March 25 2016

It had been a rough few days. My food intake was sparse and far in between. Yesterday by about noon I hadn’t come up on anything to eat. Then I remembered this Chipotle coupon for a free burrito I had found awhile back.

The closest one to…

The Beginning: Posted on MySpace 2/18/2006

The parking lot I slept in when I got the idea to make a movie.

I live in downtown LA, Just east of skid row section of downtown known as “The Pits”. It’s a section where the warehouses and work factories of a bygone era were transformed into Lofts by painters willing to brave the intense smog, noise, congestion, crack, violence and homeless Mecca that…

Bumdog Torres

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